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Please join EDS at Union for a screening of the film SIDEWALK, on Wednesday, October 13 at 6:00 pm. This film chronicles the lives of primarily black homeless book vendors and magazine scavengers who ply their trade along 6th Avenue between 8th Street and Washington Place in New York City.


Following the screening, Dean Kelly Brown Douglas will moderate a conversation about the film and the impacts of homelessness in New York City with subjects from the film and experts in homelessness prevention. We will be showing an edited version of the film to allow time for the panel discussion.

Panelist will include:

  • David Giffen, Executive Director, Coalition of the Homeless
  • Kim Hopper, Professor of Clinical Socio-medical Sciences, Columbia University
  • Hakim Hasan, Featured in SIDEWALK
  • Cynthia English, Shelter Specialist, Coalition for the Homeless

About the Film: The film takes us into the social world of the people subsisting on the streets of New York by focusing on their work as street-side booksellers, magazine vendors, junk dealers, panhandlers, and table watchers. The sidewalk becomes a site for the unfolding of these people living on the edge of society in order to give us a deeper understanding of how these individuals are able to survive. It also becomes a site for conflicts and solidarities that encompass the vendors and local residents. Learn more.