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Johannes Lehmann (Bonn): Rage, Borders, Masculinity – The Political of Anger and the Politics of Affect (in the New Rightist Mouvement)

Against the background of a theory of political rage, the lecture develops the thesis that the imaginary of boundaries, of masculinity and the call for more rage and anger (thymos), as expressed from the political ‚right‘, form a strong discursive (and historical) context. The unequivocal emotionalization on the part of the political ‘right’, which aims at fortifiability and ‘male’ impermeability, corresponds, according to the second thesis, to an uneqivocal emotionalization of the ‘left’, which makes one’s own feelings absolute. In the opposition of ‘thymos’ and the regime of ‘unpleasant feelings’ (Rauterberg) the ability to dialectic is in danger of being lost.

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Peggy Quisenberry