Food for Thought – Achieving Equitable Tourism Success in NYC

Food for Thought – Achieving Equitable Tourism Success in NYC | Strategic Policy Memo for the Incoming 110th Mayor of NYC

In this session, Paul Linberg will analyze and evaluate the impact of economic and sustainable tourism trends in POST COVID-19 New York City. The U.S. and World tourism economy has been severely affected by the pandemic and economic downturn across all organizations from small to large businesses with airline companies, the hospitality industry, culinary establishments, and cultural institutions. The rising tide of the tourism industry’s future boom is vital to building back better on a national and local scale in New York City. One key component is sustainability and equity as an element to ensure the successes of tourism destinations are shared and benefit all NYC communities across groups instead of helping only a select group of investors and financial partners. He will review and recommend some innovative approaches to achieve equitable and sustainable tourism in NYC.

Event Contact Information:
Valerie Zimmer