Monumental Landscapes

Monumental Landscapes is part of a series of four dialogues called Building Solidarities: Racial Justice in the Built Environment. This third dialogue will focus on landscapes of monumentality through iconoclasm, replacement, and the renaming of built and natural structures in Nairobi and Minneapolis. The event will be recorded for a webcast/podcast by Warscapes (

To attend this event, please email and a research guide and Zoom link will be shared with you.


Building Solidarities Event Series Description:

Building Solidarities is a form of mutual pedagogy between the campus and the public, through dialogues on urgent questions about constructed environments, urban life, and ecologies.

Building Solidarities: Racial Justice in the Built Environment foregrounds the communities of Minneapolis, Nairobi, and New York, in dialogues between students, activists, artists, and academics.

While building mutual solidarities between our campus and our partners, we aim to extend the political imaginaries, community futures, and solidarities that our partners may build with each other.

As we study racial and environmental complexities and injustices, we remain vigilantly reflexive about the relationship between our campus and our neighbors, in Harlem and elsewhere.

The series is supported by the course “Colonial Practices,” taught by Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi. Web/podcasts are hosted by community organizations.