What is Spiritual Care? Public Health

Join us for the What Is Spiritual Care? Public Health webinar on Tuesday, January 12, at 12:00 pm. This is part of the International Association for Spiritual Care (IASC) five-part webinars series, exploring what spiritual care looks like through the lens of different professions. Each will begin at 12:00 pm Eastern (New York) time (GMT -5) and will run approximately 1 hour and 45 min.

January 12, 2021 at 12:00 pm ET — What Is Spiritual Care? Public Health

Moderator: Emmanuel Lartey, PhD (Candler School of Theology/Emory University, Atlanta)
Panelists: John Blevins, ThD
The Rev. Pauline Wanjiru Njiru, PhD Cand.
Mohammed Bailor Jalloh, MD

Registration is required for live participation in the webinar. There is a $25 fee to attend each webinar. Register for all five, and receive a discount. All webinars will also be livestreamed and recordings will be made available after each livestream on the IASC Facebook page.

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