Dances for a Variable Population (DVP) promotes strong and creative movement among adults of all ages and abilities.

Stay active and find creative expression from home!

  • MOVEMENT SPEAKS® Free On-line ZOOM Classes
    • Daily classes Monday-Sunday; 1hr each
    • MOVEMENT SPEAKS® is the core program of Dances for a Variable Population. Created and developed by Naomi Goldberg Haas.
    • Click link above to access Daily Schedule and links to classes
  • Tuition Based Classes
    • Click link above to register and pay for classes (OPEN JUNE 23, 2020)
    • Monday – Basic Fitness with Naomi
    • Thursday – Modern Dance for Life with Naomi
    • Saturday – Cardio Dance Party with Marisol
    • Sunday – Modern Dance for Life with Gierre
  • Videos of Exercises and recorded MOVEMENT SPEAKS® Classes
    • Click link above to access videos
  • Phone Classes
    • Daily classes in English Monday – Saturday, 11am-12pm and 3pm-4pm (classes in Spanish M/W/F at 3pm)
    • Class in Spanish Tuesday 1pm-2pm with Marisol
    • Call 339-207-6343 to join
    • To join TOLL FREE call (844) 854-2222 and enter the Access Code 105424#


“These classes are good for my physical and mental wellbeing. They motivate me to achieve health. They make me happy because they help my mind, my body, and my spirit.” – CEO Chaplin Alecia Goudie

“These classes mean sharing, singing, connecting with others. They loosen my stiffness and motivate me to move. We laught at and with each other, get silly together – we sing together – it makes me happy.” – Mildred Woods

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