Gita Steiner-Khamsi Introduces International & Transcultural Studies at TC

International & Transcultural Studies prepares professionals to provide leadership in the educative configurations emerging in the new century.

To do so, we offer a range of disciplinary and professional programs and specializations with distinct emphases within the collective mission. The programs in Anthropology and Comparative and International Education emphasize research on the social, cultural, economic and political aspects of global processes. The program in International Educational Development prepares professionals across the whole range of educational practice to gain a global perspective.

Students work with faculty within the department in specializations such as applied educational finance; bilingual/ bicultural education; civic education; language, literacy, and technology; family and community education; gender studies; and peace education. We work with other departments at the College to provide our students additional specializations in such areas as adult education, conflict resolution, curriculum and teaching, educational leadership, health education, and policy studies. In addition, we cooperate with the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University to provide regional specializations (e.g., African Studies, Eastern European Studies, Middle East Studies, Russian Studies, East Asian Studies, South Asian Studies). Students in Comparative and International Education who select academic disciplines other than anthropology (e.g., economics, sociology, political science, history, philosophy) also work closely with faculty outside the department.

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