Happy New Year!

Seven Good Things that Came out of 2020

I realize that it may be difficult to believe after the year we have all been through, but there were actually a few good things that came out of 2020.

1: We all learned to value community.Isn’t it ironic? In 2020 we had loads of time to gather with people, we just could not do it in person.Suddenly having family and close friends to talk to and depend upon took on a much deeper meaning.2: Our habits became healthier.When everything went on a massive pause in March, we suddenly had time to do all the things we put off, like taking proper care of ourselves. That diet, that exercise regimen, that self-care moment, took on new meaning.  And many of us (including yours truly) learned how to breath.3: We learned new skills.There is nothing quite like a pandemic or a crisis to force us to master a new skillset. We are now doing things it may have taken us years to master like, working from home, streaming and zooming on a regular basis, etc.4: The Big Apple learned to think and support small.Supporting small restaurants shops and business became a mission with many people not only in NYC, but around the country.5: We stopped resisting change.Because as individuals, we did not really have to change at all. The pandemic did it for us.6: Suddenly justice was no longer on the back burner.It was front and center in the minds and hearts of people all

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