Side by Side: Music of the Americas | Virtual Concert Series

Alexander Wu, Yamaha Piano Artist


I. Impromptu (1912) & Le Petit Nègre (1909) By Claude Debussy

II. A New Hiding Place from, From the Southland (1914) By Harry T. Burleigh

Nimble Feet from, Dances in the Canebrakes (1953) By Florence B. Price

III. Jazz Nocturne (1931) By Dana Suesse

Fascinatin’ Rhythm (1924) By George Gershwin

IV. Canción from Suite Criolla (1954) By Modesta Bor (Venezuela)

Street Tango (1975) By Ástor Piazzolla (Argentina)

V. Nos. 18, 24 and 9 from Intervals 24 works for piano (2017) By Julie Mandel

Blue Rondo A la Turk (1958) By Dave Brubeck