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Design Inspires Learning in After School "Under the Sea"

“We’re underwater,” smiles Chris Laurent, assistant director of After School, extending his arms toward the freshly painted blue walls of the After School room. This year’s program has a new theme—Ocean Sea Life: From the Coastal Seas to the Deep Abyss—but the spirit and goals of the program remain the same: to make after school hours rewarding and inspiring for the students who spend time there.

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Third Grade Pop Art! American Artists Series: Warhol

As the presidential election approaches, students in all grades are exploring American art. This week, the third grade studied Andy Warhol and his Pop art screen prints. Our third graders created their own self-portraits in Warhol’s unique style, mimicking his silkscreen process by using tempera paint to create a background, and then rendering the details with markers, crayons, and colored pencils.