MAA Collab Grants Copy

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More about the Collab Grants

MAA seeks to foster a culture of collaboration among its membership and thereby strengthen the cross-institutional community of staff, students, faculty located here in Morningside Heights. To reach its goals, the board of directors has committed to provide financial and in-kind support to cross institutional programming through a special grant program, “MAA Collab Grants.”


MAA hopes to support events and programs such as concerts, lectures, workshop series, exhibits, performances, tours, or community gatherings.

Please consider sharing this information with your colleagues. We look forward to learning more about your new cross-institutional initiative and hope to become a partner in this work!

Detailed information on the grant amounts, requirements, and application process is below.


  • $750-$4,000 per event or program.
  • MAA anticipates funding between 1-3 initiatives for 2021/2022.


The application deadline is November 1, 2021 for programs that will take place between January – June 2022.

Events or Program Characteristics

  • Events or programs include components that are open to the public.
  • Events or programs demonstrate cross-institutional collaboration or will create new cross-institutional collaborations.
  • Morningside Area Alliance member staff, faculty, and students are invited to participate.

The collaborative nature of the event can be demonstrated in a number of ways, including:

  1. Staff, students, and/or faculty members from at least two MAA member institutions are substantively involved in event planning;
  2. Events are sited in Morningside Heights or West Harlem;
  3. Programming features faculty, staff, and or students from two or more member organizations (for example, as speakers or performers);
  4. Event has financial or in-kind contribution commitments from at least two sources: the applicant and MAA Collab Grant.

Funding Priorites

  • Proposals that persuasively demonstrate cross-institutional collaboration and longer-term collaboration impacts are given priority.
  • Proposals describing marketing and audience recruitment plans and capabilities are given priority.
  • Programs / events that extend community engagement to new audiences (those not expert nor currently engaged in the event / program topic) are given priority.
  • Established and recurring events (for example, an annual symposium) are eligible for funding, but preference may be given to new initiatives.
  • For hybrid events and programs, recorded content will be made public to the extent possible.
  • No one event / program collaborator will hold exclusive rights to event / program products; specifically recorded content, written summaries or content, guest lists, or collected or observed data.
  • Morningside Area Alliance will be a named sponsor of the funded events / program during the award year and will be provided an opportunity to participate in any consecutive years the same event / program is held (though no guarantee of additional funding can be made by MAA).

Application Review and Awards

A committee of MAA staff and board members will review all applications. Questions about proposals and questions from the applicants will be managed by the MAA executive director. Award announcements will be made by November 22, 2021.

Morningside Area Alliance’s Role

Morningside Area Alliance intends to support awarded events to the extent made possible by existing staffing and board of director’s expressions of interest. Support can include:

  • public marketing and promotion;
  • participation in planning meetings upon request;
  • outreach to local area stakeholders and / or potential local partners;
  • and an invitation to member institution’s leadership to serve on host committees or as event participants.

To Apply

Applications should be submitted online. Draft responses can be revisited before final submission. The MAA Review Committee may request additional information and/or budget information before their final review.