The Milstein Center | An Update from COO Rob Goldberg

construction The following email was sent to the Barnard community on January 23, 2018:

Dear Members of the Barnard Community,

Now that the spring semester is upon us, I’d like to share with you the progress we are making on The Milstein Center as we prepare for its opening in the fall.

As you move along the Broadway side of campus, you will notice that we began landscaping the lawn over winter break. We excavated the area on the north side of Barnard Hall and the Annex, and have started laying the infrastructure for the new walkway that will connect the north and south ends of campus. This walkway will open in mid-February shortly after President Beilock’s inauguration, and we will then begin removing the existing North-South Walkway. At that point, the entire lawn will be off-limits as we bring in fill dirt to raise the elevation of the lawn and finish the landscaping. We are pleased that the lawn will reopen in time for Commencement and that we will once again be able to erect a tent on campus for receptions related to this important celebration.

As you view the construction site from Claremont Avenue, you’ll notice that the hoist that has been used over the past several months to reach the upper floors of the tower is gone. Instead, we are now able to use the fully operational elevators inside The Milstein Center to move people and materials within the interior of the building. Most of the exterior of the building is finished, including much of the outdoor terraces that I know we are all looking forward to using this fall.

Most of the work this spring will occur on the inside of the building. All of the stairwells are in, and the beautiful double-height ceiling in the library is starting to take form. Interior walls, mechanical equipment, plumbing, and electrical work are well underway, and the new digital centers are beginning to take shape. 

On the programmatic side, our faculty and staff have begun working on developing the diverse range of innovative programs and resources that will be housed in the building, such as the Vagelos Computational Science Center. Our team has also begun planning for the library and office moves that will occur later this spring and summer.

Lastly, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on the offerings for the new coffee bar, including what kind of coffee we should offer. Please look for an upcoming survey on these questions.

We will continue updating you throughout the spring on the building’s progress and especially on the plans that are being developed to celebrate its opening this fall. In the meantime, visit the building website for status updates, and please contact with any questions.


Rob Goldberg

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