Every month, the Cathedral Community Cares team takes a moment to thank some spe…

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Every month, the Cathedral Community Cares team takes a moment to thank some special supporters who have gone above and beyond in their generosity.

+ Our friends at Hearst Publication have sent many, many boxes of wonderful jewelry, sunglasses, and scarves for our clients.

+ Our volunteer community and online donors have generously supported our purchase of much-needed hand and foot warmers for our clients.

+ Rev. Gina Core, our fabulous students at the Cathedral School, and the Cathedral School parents ran a women’s pants donation drive throughout the month of January! Thank you so much for the drive, and for collecting $192 towards the purchase of more pants when needed.

+ We are always so grateful for the people who work together and volunteer together! Many thanks to the Cathedral’s ACT Director Marie De Tejo, and the Cathedral’s Budget Director Amy Leisner for volunteering in our Clothing Closest over the past few months. It’s been a pleasure to have you both join CCC Volunteer Squad!

Thanks to the support and kindness of our community, CCC can continue to perform life-saving work for their clients. For more information on CCC and how to get involved, visit stjohndivine.org/education/community

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