Now that Easter, Palm Sunday, and Holy Week are behind us, the Cathedral Communi…

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Now that Easter, Palm Sunday, and Holy Week are behind us, the Cathedral Community Cares team would like to extend an extra special thank-you to all of those who supported the Soup Kitchen and Clothing Closet during this holiday season.

+ Lydell Tyson, Joni Pearlman, Monica Peavy, Kristina Fox, Andy Sookram, and Kito Risbrook supported Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday by donating Palms, goodie bags, decorations, sides, and all the chickens for the Soup Kitchen Palm Sunday feast.

+ Thank you to everyone who volunteered in the Soup Kitchen and Clothing Closet on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. We deepy appreciate everyone’s time during the holidays and commitment to putting a smile on the faces of those most in need.

+ Our amazing security team helped CCC navigate the holiday’s festivities throughout all changes and challenges in order to get our clients fed and clothed quickly and safely.

+ Thank you to all of the wonderful community members who donated hoodies and funds to our Hoodies from the Heart lenten clothing drive. Hoodies and sweatshirts are some of our most needed items in the Clothing Closet, and we are so grateful to everyone who helped us secure what our clients need most.

+ Thank you to all of the incredible teachers and children of ACT for creating beautiful handmade cards for the CCC Easter lunch bags.

To learn more about Cathedral Community Cares and how to get involved, visit

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