Tomorrow afternoon from 12 – 3 pm, all are welcome to contribute to the particip…

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Tomorrow afternoon from 12 – 3 pm, all are welcome to contribute to the participatory artwork “Talk to the Future,” part of the ongoing Imagine Repair exhibit organized by the Zip Code Memory Project. In “Talk to the Future,” artist Maria José Contreras sits inside a transparent bubble, set in the Chapel of St. Ambrose, that calls to mind the transparent plastic enclosures we have grown so familiar with during the pandemic – the ones that allowed families to dine outdoors at restaurants or to interact with their elderly or at-risk relatives. Through these resonances, the bubble transports us to a traumatic time in our collective past, and yet, as a time-capsule, it can be filled with the aspirations of the present moment—aspirations that will be cataloged, buried, and rediscovered at a future point in time. Contreras engages in intimate conversations with those who enter the time-capsule and join her to “speak of the future.” She will write and draw what they express on the clear walls of her bubble. Gradually, the bubble will fill with texts and images—blueprints for a post-pandemic future that we have yet to see.
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