Tourist In Your Own Town #15: Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue (between West 110th Street and 113th Street) in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights neighborhood. 1892-1911, Heins & LaFarge. Work continued 1911-1942, Cram & Ferguson.

When construction began in 1892, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, in the then-popular Byzantine-Romanesque style of architecture, was designed to rival St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. But by 1909 the cathedral’s plan was updated to the more fashionable Gothic style, and today, although officially “unfinished”, the structure is considered to be one of the largest cathedrals in the world.

A highlight of the holiday season at the Cathedral is the Annual Winter Solstice Celebration featuring music and dance. Known as a “House of Prayer for All Peoples”, in addition to services, the Cathedral also offers several architectural tours for visitors to enjoy.

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