“Under the Little Crosses” by Patrick Zimmerli

“Under the Little Crosses” from Alan Seeger: Instrument of Destiny
November 20, 2019

Patrick Zimmerli, composer
Mirabelle Ordinaire, conception, libretto, translation
Kent Tritle, conductor
Thomas Enhco, piano
Alex Richardson, tenor
David Rozenblatt, percussion
Cathedral Choir of Saint John the Divine

Poetry by Alan Seeger

Under the little crosses where they rise
The soldier rests. Now round him undismayed
The cannon thunders, and at night he lies
At peace beneath the eternal fusillade.
That other generations might possess—
From shame and menace free in years to come
A richer heritage of happiness,
He marched to that heroic martyrdom…
Obscurely sacrificed, his nameless tomb,
Bare of the sculptor’s art, the poet’s lines,
Summer shall flush with poppy-fields in bloom,
And Autumn yellow with maturing vines…

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