A Conversation About Sex, Power, and Assault on College Campuses

Why do campus sexual assaults happen? What should be done to prevent them? In their new book, “Sexual Citizens” (W. W. Norton & Company, Jan. 14, 2020), Columbia professors Jennifer Hirsch and Shamus Khan attempt to address these questions and offer a fresh way of thinking about how to prevent sexual assault on campus. In this conversation with President Lee C. Bollinger, Hirsch, Professor of Sociomedical Sciences at the Mailman School of Public Health, and Khan, Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Department of Sociology, discuss the methodology used to create the book and its genesis as part of the Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation (SHIFT) at Columbia.

Learn more about the book “Sexual Citizens”: https://news.columbia.edu/content/sexual-citizens

Chapter Markers:
00:10 – Lee C. Bollinger: Opening Remarks
01:32 – Jennifer Hirsch: Researchers in undergraduates’ day-to-day lives
02:58 – Shamus Khan: Creating structures to prevent sexual assault
03:57 – Jennifer Hirsch: Masters, Doctoral students, and undergraduate advisory board
05:29 – Lee C. Bollinger: Summarizes the research and asks what was learned
05:54 – Shamus Khan: Lessons learned and what it means to be a college student now
07:10 – Lee C. Bollinger: What did we learn about the sexual life of college students?
07:21 – Jennifer Hirsch: Responsibilities of campus sexual assault
08:10 – Shamus Khan: How to develop a language around sexual citizenship
09:00 – Shamus Khan: Physical space in a college dorm
09:45 – Lee C. Bollinger: What does a student’s pre-college sexual life look like?
10:10 – Jennifer Hirsch: Comprehensive sexuality education
11:05 – Lee C. Bollinger: Student alcohol consumption and its relation to sexual assault
11:43 – Jennifer Hirsch: Half of all assaults were unrelated to alcohol consumption
13:24 – Shamus Khan: Pathology of men
14:50 – Shamus Khan: What is sex for young people?
15:12 – Lee C. Bollinger: Closing Remarks

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