God of the Faithful, God of the Faithless: Belief and Doubt in Prayer

A webinar with Rabbi Jan Uhrbach, director of the Block / Kolker Center for Spiritual Arts, JTS.

Part of the series: Faith, Forgiveness, and Prayer: Preparing for the Days of Awe.

Do we need “faith” in order to pray? Can synagogue services be worthwhile and meaningful even if we’re not sure what we believe? We are hardly the first generation to struggle with contradictions among our intellectual beliefs, traditional Jewish liturgy, and the act of prayer. What do biblical and rabbinic texts about prayer, and the prayerbook itself, teach us about these conflicts, and how can they help us connect to prayer even in times of doubt or faithlessness?

Download source sheet: http://www.jtsa.edu/stuff/contentmgr/files/1/2b338354a5904229e9d329aa7eccfa2b/misc/jan_uhrbach___god_of_the_faithful_text_handout.pdf