How U.S. troops helped this young Afghani pianist pursue his dreams

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Enjoy this inspiring story about incoming graduate student Elham Fanous (MM ’21) on NBC News! 🎹

Growing up under the Taliban rule, Elham spent his early years in a world where playing or listening music was a crime. He credits the U.S. troops for giving music back to the Afghan people, and allowing him to pursue a career as a pianist.

Elham will begin his studies at MSM with Phillip Kawin in the upcoming academic year. Elham Fanous grew up in Afghanistan. At the time, the Taliban had made playing or listening to music a crime, but American forces put an end to that in 2001, when Elham was four. He is now headed to grad school at the Manhattan School of Music, and says none of it would have happened without the U.S…

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