Music of Conscience

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This Saturday, June 1, as part of its powerful season-ending series “Music of Conscience,” the New York Philharmonic will feature “Symphony No. 1” written in 1990 by Manhattan School of Music alum the composer John Corigliano as a tribute to musicians who lost their lives to HIV-AIDS. Writes the The New York Times in today’s paper:

“What the composer John Corigliano remembers most about the AIDS crisis is the look of horror in his friends’ faces when they received their diagnoses.

“Everyone had fear,” he said in a recent interview. “You would be watching friends die, and wondering if you were next. And musicians were affected enormously.”

Read the NYTimes article here:
Click the link below for tickets The season culminates in three weeks of unforgettable music created in response to historical events, political unrest, and societal turmoil

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