My Name Is… by Rev. Jim Keat | February 28, 2021

My Name Is… by Rev. Jim Keat | February 28, 2021

The story of Abraham and Sarah receiving their names is more than just a Sunday School lesson. It is an invitation to reflect on the names that we are told throughout history, the names we know and more importantly the names our implicit biases keep us from knowing. Because we need to hear the stories of women and the stories of people of color, not as a subset of history or relegated to one month out of the year, but all year long. Black History Month and Women’s History Month don’t exist so that we can spend four weeks with a specific focus, cramming for a test only to forget all the answers one month later. These months expose the ways in which women and people of color must be centered all year long.

And it’s fitting that Black History Month and Women’s History Month find themselves in the season of Lent, a season of reflection and repentance. Perhaps this Lent we should reflect on the names we know and stories we tell, or more importantly, the names we don’t know and the stories that go untold. And when someone tells you their name and invites you into their story, know that you are standing on holy ground. Amen.
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