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We are pleased to highlight the recent work of two of our own Cardiologists at Mount Sinai Morningside—Dr. John Puskas and Dr. Omar Lattouf—and congratulate them on their outstanding work.

The two stories, listed below, captured the attention of the media, demonstrating the far-reaching, positive impact these two surgeons have on the lives of their patients and communities.

“Woman, 41, Shares Story of Softball-sized Fibroid Possibly Leading to Blood Clots in Heart”—featuring Omar Lattouf, MD, PhD, Cardiac Surgeon, Mount Sinai Morningside

After Zarreen Perpall felt easily winded and exhausted she went to the hospital where doctors learned she had blood clots in her heart and lungs. While they rushed her into surgery to remove the clots, Perpall was stunned by the possible cause: a large uterine fibroid. Read more on today.com.

“Stamford Man Hikes Mount Kilimanjaro on 3rd Anniversary of Quadruple Bypass Surgery”—featuring John Puskas, MD, FACS, FACC, Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Mount Sinai Morningside

A Stamford man has beat the odds and pushed beyond his limits to climb the highest mountain in Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro. Arun Sinha, 59, says the hike happened on the third anniversary of his quadruple bypass surgery at Mount Sinai Morningside. Read more on connecticut.news12.com.

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