Dean Douglas on the Road | October 2019

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Below is a recap of some of Dean Kelly Brown Douglas’ public events during October 2019. To keep up with Dean Douglas, follow @DeanKBD on Twitter and EDS at Union on Facebook.
October 3 –  Christ in Crisis: A Conversation with Jim Wallis at Trinity Wall Street
In this video, Dean Kelly Brown Douglas interviews Sojourners Editor-in-Chief Jim Wallis in a thought-provoking book talk about his new book, Christ in Crisis.

October 8. 9, 10 – Visiting Flint Michigan 
Proximity matters. In early October, Dean Douglas visited Flint, Michigan, with Dan Scheid of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, listening and learning from those impacted by the Flint water crisis to better understand this complex and ongoing tragedy. Watch this video for her reflection on her trip.

October 20 – Walking in Humility, Love, and Grace at the Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina.
Greenleaf Christian Church celebrated the 26-year ministry of their pastor, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II with special music, testimonies, and a sermon delivered (beginning at 1 hour, 44 minutes) by Dean Kelly Brown Douglas.

October 21 – Commenting on the Beyonce Mass
The Beyoncé Mass explores how issues of race and gender impact the lives, voices, and bodies of black women. “Black artists have always been central to the struggle for black freedom, whether we’re talking about Nina Simone or Harry Belafonte or Bernice Johnson Reagon of Sweet Honey in the Rock,” said Dean Kelly Brown Douglas. “Beyoncé is a part of this legacy. There is this natural correspondence between the kinds of things she does in her music

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