EDS at Union Newsletter | December 2020


Dear friends and colleagues,
I hope you are enjoying a blessed Advent.
In this season of waiting and expectation, I am more conscious than ever of the way that our broken and tumultuous world is longing for courageous moral leadership. Our program here at EDS at Union is committed to fostering this kind of lay and clergy ministerial leadership so as to bring the church and world a little closer to God’s just future.
As the New Year approaches, I would like to ask you to join me in sharing the exciting news about EDS at Union with others. If you are aware of someone whose Episcopal faith is expressed through a passionate commitment to God’s justice, encourage them be in touch to learn more about the Anglican Studies program at EDS at Union.
Applicants to the EDS at Union Anglican Studies program can begin submitting their materials online beginning January 15. Our deadline for applications is May 1. Merit- and need-based scholarships and grants are available.
As the e-newsletter below shows so clearly, EDS at Union is a place for deep discernment of vocation, academic rigor, and exposure to the diversity of ministerial leadership offerings of New York City and beyond. Through these experiences, I believe transformational ministries for the Church can be formed.
I wish you and your family the very best during this season of Advent.
The Very Rev. Kelly Brown Douglas, Ph.D.
Dean, Episcopal Divinity School at Union
Bill and Judith Moyers Chair in Theology

The Spring 2020 community book read is Enrique’s Journey: The Story

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