Pilgrimage to Alabama and the Equal Justice Initiative

Legacy Museum and Memorial for Peace and Justice

Episcopal Divinity School at Union and The Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest will make a pilgrimage to Montgomery, Alabama from Wednesday, June 19 through Saturday, June 22, to visit the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice. Established by the Equal Justice Initiative, these sites are our nation’s first memorials dedicated to the legacy of enslaved Black people, those terrorized by lynching and Jim Crow segregation, and the ongoing threat of police violence and mass incarceration to African American men and women.
Pilgrimages are practiced in many religious traditions and are typically made to shrines, holy places, or locations of religious significance. “At EDS and Union, we have decided it is equally important to travel to sacred places where we must confront injustice and better understand the crucifying realities of the most vulnerable of God’s children, indeed this Pilgrimage reflects the sacred story of a people” said The Very Rev. Kelly Brown Douglas, Dean of EDS at Union. “This pilgrimage to Alabama will help our students grapple with the challenges happening in our society, and inform us of how as a people of  faith we can help build a just world.”
In addition to the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial, EDS at Union students will tour Selma, Alabama, visit the Jonathan Myrick Daniels Memorial, participate in nightly compline, and join the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church for Eucharist.
“I came to EDS at Union because I wanted and needed to be spiritually formed in a community where the work of justice

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