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Student Spotlight: Jane Wohl – Union Theological Seminary

Student spotlight: jane wohl - union theological seminary

Jane Wohl is a 2nd year MDiv student at Union Theological Seminary, former faculty member at Sheridan College and Goddard College and poet whose work was recently featured in The New York Times (https://buff.ly/3DFe8HV). “I started writing seriously in 1978 when I moved to Wyoming,” Wohl said. Since then, she has published four books and earned a PhD in creative writing. “Someone asked me the other day what my writing practice is. I don’t have one—I write when I write. When you raise a family, if something occurs to you you take a quick note of it, then write it when the kids are asleep.”

“The richness of the community at Union has been incredible,” Jane said. “There is so much freedom to be expressive here. I appreciate all of the variety of the faculty and of my fellow students. I’m always a bit pleased and surprised when a twenty-something says ‘you’ve lived such an interesting life.’ I tell them, ‘in twenty-five years, you will have too!’”

When asked what advice she has to offer for those considering pursuing an education post-career, Jane has true wisdom to offer. “We only have a finite amount of time. I asked myself, ‘what am I going to do, knit baby blankets for the rest of my life? Or am I going to do something interesting?’ Do not ever be afraid of making a leap. Often those leaps lead to the richest times in our lives.”

Student Spotlight: Jane Wohl – Union Theological Seminary