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Union alumni enter a wide variety of vocations after leaving seminary, from ordained ministry to law to non-profit leadership. We sat down with two recent graduates, Kate Newell ’17 and Dylan Debelis-Doyle ’15 to hear about their new company, The Faith Space.
Kate Newell ’17 and Dylan Debelis-Doyle ’15
Tell us about The Faith Space.
Kate: We’re a leadership development organization. We target leaders—that could be anyone, anywhere, any discipline, any background. Union taught us world transformation, so we wanted to target people in positions of power and shift the current dynamics. We do one-on-one coaching, organizational consulting, host a podcast, and we have a membership model as well.
Dylan: Our thought was, what if we took the seminary experience, especially the Union experience of real, transformational questions, and brought it into more secular spaces? What if we ask questions about meaning and leadership using the language we gathered from Union and our ministry, and brought it into other spaces. We do some work with politicians, some work with people in tech, and in the business sector. People are really hungry for those questions of meaning—thinking about how mindfulness and intention can make them better in their leadership role.
What do you think it is about the model of seminary education that fosters transformation?
Kate Newell ’17
Kate: It gets to the root of what’s really going on, and that’s a huge component of what we do with coaching at The Faith Space. A lot of other coaches are just putting band-aids on symptoms and relationships.

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