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Hal Melnick Teaches Math in China: Coals to Newcastle?

From May 13-21, 2011, Dr. Hal Melnick, a member of the Bank Street Graduate Faculty, provided professional development and support for teachers implementing progressive math programs at the Tsinghua International School in Beijing, China. Before he began his work, he had to justify and explain Bank Street's progressive math approach to both the parents and the teachers in the primary and secondary schools. The Challenge ... Says Melnick: "My challenge was that on the latest international comparative tests, China far surpassed the United States. So both the teachers and the parents needed to know what this American program could do for their children, and to be reassured that their children were not being harmed by this 'different' math program." ... In a School Established by Bank Street Alumna Debbie Kurtzberg ... Melnick had been invited to Tsinghua by Debbie Kurtzberg, director of the Primary Division, and a 2009 Bank Street graduate. Because Tsinghua International School is [...]

Hal Melnick Teaches Math in China: Coals to Newcastle?2013-06-13T14:30:01-05:00

Niemeyer Six Sparks Spirited Discussions

On the evening of April 26, 2011, Educators, teacher leaders, students and faculty joined together for Bank Street College's sixth annual Niemeyer Education Policy Series on April 26, 2011, at the CUNY Graduate Center on Fifth Avenue. The topic was "Teacher Performance: Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, Ineffective — How Can You Tell?" In her welcoming address, Bank StreetPresident Elizabeth D. Dickey raised the question: "Do legitimate ways of assessing teachers exist and, if so, what are they?" The moderator, Dean of the College Jon Snyder, who introduced the panelists, noted there were many truisms about teachers and good teaching, and asked what do these actually mean in assessing teachers. "Sometimes people can't even agree on what assessment consists of," he said.  Snyder added that many states, New York included, now are moving toward new systems and approaches, and he asked the panelists to consider what were the functions and goals, as well as the key components, of teaching assessments and evaluations. New York [...]

Niemeyer Six Sparks Spirited Discussions2013-06-13T14:30:02-05:00

Holding on to Ideals in Challenging Times

President Elizabeth D. Dickey's Remarks at the 2011 Bank Street Graduate School of Education Commencement ceremonies May 26, 2011 Good afternoon and welcome. On behalf of our entire community, congratulations to the Class of 2011! And thanks to your families and friends and members of the Graduate School faculty, who guided and nurtured you during these demanding years of graduate training. On this day, May 26, 2011, we launch 408 talented, dedicated, and idealistic people into roles related to teaching. Some of you will be in the classroom, others in museums and hospitals, some behind the scenes as writers, others in front as administrators. All of you bear the Bank Street stamp of approval. This means that, under the watchful eyes of your faculty, you have internalized methods and values that are almost 100 years old. Among our foundational beliefs are respect for children and the educational process, and an acknowledgement of the power of curiosity [...]

Holding on to Ideals in Challenging Times2013-06-13T14:30:03-05:00

Bank Street College's 39th annual Irma Black Awards

Writers, educators and other lovers of children's literature eagerly attended this year's Irma Black Picture Book Award in the Bankstreet Auditorium on May 19, 2011. About the Award The Award was established in 1972 in honor of the late Irma Simonton Black (and later her husband as well), who was for many years director of Bank Street's Publications Division, and a prolific children's book author. It is given to a book that meets Irma's own criteria for a great picture book: "a synthesis of text and art, each enhancing the other to produce a synergistic effect that makes the whole greater than its parts." The Award is unique in that children themselves choose the winner. Over a four-week period, children in various participating schools are read the books, then analyze and discuss them with their teachers/librarians, and finally vote for a winner. The vote tallies are then submitted to Bankstreet. The Award's new curriculum partnership with School Library [...]

Bank Street College's 39th annual Irma Black Awards2013-06-13T14:30:03-05:00

Math Program Receives Grant to Develop Online Fieldwork

Robin Hummel Bank Street College of Education was recently awarded a $50,000 grant to support an online fieldwork and advisement pilot for the Leadership in Mathematics Education. The grant comes from 100Kin10, an organization driven by the goal of “providing America’s classrooms with 100,000 excellent science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers by 2021,” according to its website. Robin Hummel, Program Director for Bank Street’s math leadership programs, and Steven Goss, Director of Online Learning at Bank Street, will lead the effort to pilot the College’s first effort at taking student fieldwork and advisement entirely online. The pilot program will connect math teachers with Bank Street experts online over the course of a semester in order to test and improve the distance learning experience for Bank Street’s graduate students. The program will continue to build upon the student-centered approach for which Bank Street is famous. “Translating Bank Street pedagogy for distance teaching and learning requires much more [...]

Math Program Receives Grant to Develop Online Fieldwork2013-07-25T14:54:09-05:00

Bank Street Saturday Classes for Kids, “Kids College”

Sponsored by the Bank Street Summer Camp Saturdays 9:00am-10:30am / 10:30am-12:00pm / 9:00am-12:00pm Registration is now open. Enhance your child's year with fun and inovative programming at Bank Street Summer Camp's KiDS College. This collection of Saturday programs for kids in Kindergarten and up has been designed to engage kids on an emotional, intellectual and social level with the same Bank Street Summer Camp staff kids know and love. Each program lasts eight Saturdays beginning Saturday September 28th. Registration is still open! Drop in classes are available. Kindergarten-2nd Grade (9:00am-10:30am) $250 Sports Sampler with Alex Kavo Spanish Immersion with Daisy Vivar Kindergarten-2nd Grade (10:30am-12:00pm) $250 Sports Sampler with Alex Kavo Spanish Immersion with Daisy Vivar Upper Kids College (9:00am-12:00pm) $500 Saturdays on Stage with Meredith Smart Basketball Clinic with Brian Sackey Film Review with Jason Weitzman

Bank Street Saturday Classes for Kids, “Kids College”2014-09-22T18:03:34-05:00

Bank Street Names Shael Polakow-Suransky Next President

Suransky, currently second-in-command of the nation’s largest school system, will be the college’s first president who is also an alumnus. The Board of Trustees of Bank Street College of Education today announced the selection of Shael Polakow-Suransky, currently the Chief Academic Officer and Senior Deputy Chancellor at the New York City Department of Education, as its seventh President. He will succeed Elizabeth Dickey, who is retiring, on July 1, 2014. In making its unanimous selection, the Board of Trustees cited Mr. Suransky’s deep-rooted commitment to educational equity and social justice. Mr. Suransky, who studied under prominent educator Theodore Sizer and has spent his career in City schools and at the Department of Education, will be the first President who is also an alumnus. Anthony Asnes, Chair of Bank Street’s Board of Trustees, said: “As Bank Street heads toward its centennial, Shael Polakow-Suransky is the ideal person to guide us into its next century of leadership and service. [...]

Bank Street Names Shael Polakow-Suransky Next President2014-03-07T19:22:12-05:00

Naturalists Grab the Attention of National Geographic

Ordinary life at Bank Street is anything but ordinary. The “extraordinariness” (Yes, it’s a word!) of Bank Street was noted by the National Geographic Society last spring when the organization’s Vice President for Education, Daniel C. Edelson, visited and observed the 7/8s as they worked on the Hudson River project. An opportunity arose out of that visit. National Geographic asked to come back and document the Hudson River project from start to finish. We are in the middle of that observation now and the students are accustomed to having visitors from National Geographic spending time in the classroom, as well as time-lapse cameras trained on the model. We were thrilled to be included in a recently published column by Mr. Edelson, “Connecting Schoolchildren to the Real World? That’s Extraordinary.”  While we know our school is extraordinary, I hope you will follow the link and read what Mr. Edelson has to say about us.

Naturalists Grab the Attention of National Geographic2014-01-22T15:05:47-05:00

Bank Street Appoints Jackson Kytle Head of IPR

Jackson Kytle has been appointed Interim Dean of Innovation, Policy, and Research (IPR). In that role, Kytle oversees the College Library, Bank Street Head Start, the high school dropout-prevention and college-readiness program Liberty LEADS, Occasional Papers, and other grant-funded and contract-based research and policy initiatives. Kytle will also lead Bank Street’s Middle States Self-Study, the decennial review of the College and its major programs, focusing on the Graduate School of Education. The self-study will culminate in spring 2015, when the review team from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education — Bank Street’s regional accrediting association — visits the campus. His work on the Self-Study is informed by his previous experience as a Commissioner and member of the Commission's Finance Committee. The Graduate School recently completed its accreditation review with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, and now has begun the reaccreditation process with Middle States. “I’ve been on the progressive path for many [...]

Bank Street Appoints Jackson Kytle Head of IPR2014-01-22T15:05:47-05:00

Note from Yolanda Ferrell-Brown

Dear Members of the Bank Street Community: I hope that the holiday season has been joyous and restorative for everyone. As promised, I am writing to provide another short update regarding the status of the Presidential Search process. The committee is very pleased to report that the search is in terrific shape. The exceptional caliber and quality of the candidates participating in the search has been truly exciting and is a strong testament to Bank Street's reputation and standing in the educational world. Special thanks to all who made time to participate in our listening tour and to mine their networks for recommendations. The outcome has been terrific. To date, hundreds of resumes have been reviewed, multiple interviews have been conducted, and numerous references have been checked. The committee is now in the difficult phase of refining the candidate pool even further to identify potential finalists which we anticipate completing in the January/February time frame. We continue to make steady progress, and [...]

Note from Yolanda Ferrell-Brown2014-01-22T15:05:47-05:00

Q&A: Math, Diversity & the Common Core

Nneka Sutherland, a student in Bank Street’s Leadership in Mathematics Education program, is an experienced teacher and a veteran of both public and charter schools in New York City and Montreal. In addition to pursuing a master’s degree at Bank Street, she is a full time teacher at a public school in the high needs area of Brownsville, Brooklyn. Nneka, this year’s recipient of the Priscilla E. Pemberton Memorial Scholarship, attended the Pemberton Society’s “Lend a Hand for Scholarship” reception at the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery in New York City on November 19. The Pemberton Society is the College’s affinity organization dedicated to promoting diversity in its student body and in the field of education. Since its inception, the group has raised $340,000 for student scholarships. What brought you to Bank Street? Nneka Sutherland: In my career, just about everybody I’ve been impressed with in this field came here. That’s what pointed me in this direction. There’s [...]

Q&A: Math, Diversity & the Common Core2014-01-22T15:05:47-05:00

Educating Boys

Journalist Peg Tyre has researched and written extensively about boys in magazine articles and in her book, “The Trouble with Boys: A Surprising Report Card on Our Sons, Their Problems at School and What Educators Must Do.” She recently spoke to parents and teachers at Bank Street School. Recognizing that Bank Street School teachers really understand how boys learn, Ms. Tyre went into depth about how schools in general, are underserving boys, “Many more boys than girls get expelled from preschool. Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with learning issues. High school boys have all but withdrawn from activities other than sports. More girls than boys go to college.” What educators do at Bank Street does work for boys, and girls too. Children have active imaginations. Classroom project work reflects this. Neatness doesn’t necessarily count as much as content and thought. Overall mastery of a subject is the goal and not just doing well on [...]

Educating Boys2014-01-22T15:05:47-05:00

Making Power Visible

Making Power Visible: Home Grown Community-Based Learning from Karachi to Philadelphia to You  At the end of October, the Graduate School hosted the event Making Power Visible: Home Grown Community-Based Learning from Karachi to Philadelphia to You, with the Council of Students (COS). Presented by Yue Fang, president of COS, and Sehr Karim-Jaffer, Metropolitan Museum of Art educator and Bank Street Museum Education graduate ’13, the event attracted a lively group of attendees including faculty members, alumni and current students actively engaged in a wide range of community-based and non-profit organizations. The Event The event gravitated around two interesting films that depicted exemplary work of several communities. The first movie, A Small Dream, focused on the work of Humaira Bachal, founder of a co-educational school in Pakistan. As National Public Radio (NPR) reported in January this year, “Humaira Bachal, 25, has become a crusader of sorts. She has passion for education in a country where going [...]

Making Power Visible2014-01-22T15:05:46-05:00

Welcome North Carolina!

Mentor Pilot Program Jacque Penick of Mountain Area Child and Family Center (left) and Gabriel Guyton. Bank Street is participating in a new, inter-center mentoring program with Mountain Area Child and Family Center, an early learning program, serving children birth-five in Asheville, North Carolina. The Bank Street Family Center is providing a group of North Carolina teachers an opportunity to develop skills through observation, immersion, and training in the Bank Street approach and philosophy. The mentoring program is led by executive director Jacque Penick of Mountain Area Child and Family Center. Her vision, enthusiasm, and tireless hard work provided this unique opportunity for partnership between Bank Street and Mountain Area. Participants from the Bank Street Family Center include dedicated teachers and staff with strong backgrounds in supervising and supporting developing teachers. Mary Ellen Markman, director of the Bank Street Family Center. Gabriel Guyton, lead teacher in an infant-toddler classroom. Sarah Willis, lead teacher in a pre-school [...]

Welcome North Carolina!2014-01-22T15:05:46-05:00

Chirlane McCray Visits Bank Street

On October 24, Bank Street hosted Chirlane McCray — writer, activist, and wife of then-mayoral nominee Bill De Blasio. McCray accompanied Dean of the College Jon Snyder and Children’s Programs Dean Alexis Wright on a tour that included a visit to the Children’s Library, which holds one of the state’s most extensive collections of children’s books. McCray spent time in the Family Center, Bank Street’s early childhood care and community-based special education program, connecting with the young children and meeting with program staff.

Chirlane McCray Visits Bank Street2014-01-22T15:05:46-05:00
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