Following President Obama’s decision to cancel his summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Barnard political science professor Kimberly Marten appears on various news programs discussing the implications for US-Russia relations.

Watch Prof. Marten on MSNBC’s “Disrupt.”

From WNYC’s “The Takeaway:”
“… On Wednesday, President Obama announced his decision to cancel his summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, marking the first time that an American president has called off a publicly announced visit to Russia since the end of the Cold War. The move is largely being attributed to frustration over Russia’s decision to offer temporary asylum to intelligence analyst and NSA leaker Edward Snowden, though American officials insist that issues of trade, missile defense and human rights were also factors at play. Kimberly Marten, professor of political science at Columbia University’s Barnard College, discusses the implications of the cancellation. …”

From KPFK’s “Background Briefling with Ian Masters:”
“…We begin with today’s announcement from the White House that President Obama is cancelling his summit meeting with Russian president Putin but will attend the G-20 meeting in St. Petersburg. Kimberly Marten, a professor of political science at Barnard College of Columbia University joins us to discuss how much the Snowden affair affected the decision and the other irritants besetting bilateral relations like Putin’s assault on LGBT rights. …”

Prof. Marten specializes in international relations and international security. Her research focuses on warlords and militias and their relationship to sovereign states and state security institutions, in places ranging from Afghanistan and Iraq to the former Soviet Union.