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In Memory of Ray Guyette

The Cathedral community is deeply saddened by the loss of Ray Guyette, Director of Maintenance and Facilities Manager from 1996 - 2014. Ray was a kind, humorous, loving man who cared deeply about the Cathedral. His work touched the lives of everyone on the Close, from visitors to long-time residents. Our community is grateful for his presence over his many years of service to the Cathedral, and we hold his family in our thoughts and prayers.

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Holy Week at the Cathedral

Holy Week at the Cathedral is a time of deep contemplation, drawing upon the ancient rituals of the Church, the power of community and fellowship, and the rejuvenation of the spirit. Palm Sunday, on March 29, brings participants on a journey from Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem through the story of his Passion, as experienced through processions, readings and music. The Cathedral offers special services throughout the week, beginning on Holy Monday, March 30, and culminating with the wonder of Easter Sunday. On Holy Tuesday, the clergy of the Diocese of New York gather for the Liturgy of Collegiality, at which all are welcome to join in. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday each provide a unique lens through which to comprehend the mysteries of the spirit on these holiest of days. Click through for the full schedule of services, theatrical performances, and events. LEARN MORE >

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The Cathedral of St. John the Divine partners with the Hetrick-Martin Institute to host a panel of young leaders and activists in a conversation on LGBTQ youth homelessness and housing insecurity on Sunday, May 31 from 12 p.m. – 3:30 p.m., at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 1047 Amsterdam Avenue (at 112th St.). The full day of events will also feature a special Pride Evensong from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Following a brief lunch and networking session from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., the panelists will tell their own stories of living and working within the LGBTQ housing-insecure community, followed by a moderated Q&A session with Lazara Paz-Gonzalez, Assistant Director of Health & Wellness at The Hetrick–Martin Institute. After the Q&A session, the participants will be broken up into discussion groups to reflect on their own experiences, sketch out the needs of their communities, and form plans for building stronger support systems for [...]


The Value of Food: Sustaining a Green Planet The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York October 6, 2015–April 3, 2016

New York (August 31, 2015) –The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is proud to present The Value of Food: Sustaining a Green Planet, an art exhibition and Cathedral-wide initiative addressing the issues of food security, hunger, access to healthy food, local and urban farming, factory farming, diet, and the cultural and spiritual meanings of food. It follows the Cathedral’s ongoing tradition of visual arts exhibitions, including, most recently, Phoenix: Xu Bing at the Cathedral; Jane Alexander: Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope), in collaboration with The Africa Center (formerly the Museum of African Art); and the 2011–2012 exhibition The Value of Water. In addition to the Cathedral’s longstanding art programming, The Value of Food also draws upon the Cathedral’s social justice initiatives spotlighting issues of hunger and human dignity, including the World Hunger Clock and the advocacy work of Cathedral Community Cares, including the Sunday Soup Kitchen, which has been a fixture of the [...]

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Rev. Dean Kowalski, The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

November 10, 2016 Rev. Dean Kowalski, The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine https://www.facebook.com/StJohnDivineNYC/ "The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem. In the history of the earth hitherto the largest and most stirring appear tame and orderly to their ampler largeness and stir. ...Here is not merely a nation but a teeming nation of nations." --from the preface to 'Leaves of Grass' by Walt Whitman, inducted into the American Poets Corner in 1984. Many people, in the Cathedral's close community and all across the country, are in a state of uncertainty about America right now. Whitman, who wrote the words excerpted above in 1855, prior to the Civil War, lived through perhaps the greatest tumult our country has faced. Today, we can and must strive to add to the beauty of this nation's poem, to add our unique timbres to the many-voiced refrain. Picking up this essential thread, we look to the indelible [...]

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An Interview with Guest Curator Robin Kahn!

Robin Kahn, guest co-curator for The Value of Food: Sustaining a Green Planet, was interviewed on Sandi Klein's radio show Conversations with Creative Women. In this interview, Kahn speaks about her introduction to food and food justice, as well as what led her to curate an exhibition grounded in themes of food security and accessibility at the Cathedral. Click here to listen to the full interview....

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St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

New year, same us! Our daily services continue as scheduled in 2019. All are welcome.Monday through Saturday:8 am - Morning Prayer12:15 pm - Holy Eucharist5 pm - Evening PrayerSunday:8 am - Holy Eucharist9 am - Holy Eucharist11 am - Choral Eucharist4 pm - Choral Evensongpic.twitter.com/SmkWdkepcn

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St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

Ever wanted to roller skate in a Cathedral? Of course you have. Come on over next weekend!https://twitter.com/ActprogramsNYC/status/1080497930862239745 …

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westsiderag (@westsiderag )

Oreo Squirrel is newest Nabisco spokesmodel: https://www.westsiderag.com/2018/06/07/avocado-squirrel-is-new-yorks-new-rodent-spokesmodel …pic.twitter.com/R6XTdFgMUi

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St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

Is Oreo Squirrel the new Pizza Rat? https://www.westsiderag.com/2019/01/03/squirrel-answers-age-old-question-how-does-a-rodent-eat-an-oreo-cookie …

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St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

As always, Alice Parker's Spiritual Sing takes place the Sunday of Martin Luther King Day weekend at 2 pm in the Cathedral. Join us in collective song to remember and feel the power of African American Spirituals http://www.stjohndivine.org/visit/calendar/events/music/27138/spiritual-sing-with-alice-parker-5 …

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St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

On 1/19, we're thrilled to welcome Riyaaz Qawaali! This ethnically and spiritually diverse ensemble features musicians who are settled in the U.S. and hail from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh and sing devotional music. Tickets: http://www.stjohndivine.org/visit/calendar/events/music/27048/world-music-institute-riyaaz-qawwali-2 …pic.twitter.com/sspLq38Nm6

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The world's largest cathedral will turn its nave into a roller skating rink this Saturday. Come one, come all, it's free! http://www.westsiderag.com/2019/01/10/saturday-free-roller-skating-in-the-worlds-largest-cathedral … @StJohnDivineNYC @azipic.twitter.com/XKgb2YJwyb

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St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

“Build it as a protest against brutality and hatred and wrong.” - The Honorable Elihu Root, Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize recipient in a call to complete the Cathedral’s Nave in the 1920s #tbtpic.twitter.com/lRA86wjrmm

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Gale A. Brewer (@galeabrewer )

@StJohnDivineNYC ‘s ACT Summer Camp Kickoff free Rollerskating Party in the sanctuary! Hundreds of families showed up, put on skates and skated! Clear that we need such a rink in Manhattan. Lots of fun! Jan 12 2019. Much Thx to Jen Gowers, Ex Dir of ACT. /GABpic.twitter.com/Tkh5WReM3T

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