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St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

Opening this Valentine’s Day—The Value of Sanctuary: Building a House Without Walls. Opening reception & more info: …

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )2019-01-26T14:29:17-05:00

Episcopal News (ENS) (@episcopal_news )

These Episcopal conference and retreat centers have a welcoming message to federal workers: “Just as Jesus invited others to come and join him at the table, there’s a place set for you.” 

Episcopal News (ENS) (@episcopal_news )2019-01-26T14:29:17-05:00

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

This Saturday's Diocesan Chorister Festival culminates with a 5 pm Evensong presented by the hundreds of choristers who will take part in the day-long festival. All are welcome! …

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )2019-01-26T14:29:18-05:00

BlackGirlWillTravel (@BlkGrlWillTravl )

The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine Presents A Discussion On The Works Of James Baldwin In Harlem …

BlackGirlWillTravel (@BlkGrlWillTravl )2019-01-26T14:29:18-05:00 (@POETSorg )

"When gentrification happens, folks of color lose the sanctuary that is their hood. They walk the streets of their neighborhood to find new neighbors who don’t care to know them but constantly question their existence."—t'ai freedom ford#AboutThisPoem … (@POETSorg )2019-01-26T14:29:18-05:00

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

Turns out roller skating in the Cathedral is even more wonderful than we could image. Thanks for all who came! …

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )2019-01-26T14:29:19-05:00

Advancing The Community Of Tomorrow (@ActprogramsNYC )

ACT Programs was delighted to host a Rollerskating Summer Camp Kickoff in the Cathedral and was even more honored to have hundreds of NYC families, as well as Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, attend! Thank you for making the day so special! #SummerCamp

Advancing The Community Of Tomorrow (@ActprogramsNYC )2019-01-26T14:29:19-05:00

(Le) Poisson Rouge (@lprnyc )

This Saturday our friends @WMInyc present Riyaaz Qawwali, an ethnically & spiritually diverse ensemble from South Asia whose mission is to expose new audiences to the 700+-year-old tradition of Qawwali devotional music. 1/19 at @StJohnDivineNYC!Info/tix:

(Le) Poisson Rouge (@lprnyc )2019-01-26T14:29:19-05:00

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

Next Tuesday, The Congregation of St. Saviour hosts their latest Close Conversation on Interpreting James Baldwin Today. Nicholas Boggs and Gabrielle Bellot join Elizabeth Howard in conversation. More info: …

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )2019-01-26T14:29:19-05:00

Ascension NYC (@ascensionnyc )

Join celebration Saturday Feb 9, 2019 at 10:30am life & work of Blessed #AbsalomJones #abolitionist clergyman 1st #AfricanAmerican ordained priest #EpiscopalChurch in US at Cathedral Church @StJohnDivineNYC the preacher is The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows

Ascension NYC (@ascensionnyc )2019-01-30T15:07:06-05:00

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

Next Saturday, February 9th, @JenniferBB will preach at the Cathedral during the @EpiscopalNY's annual commemoration of Absalom Jones, abolitionist and the first African-American ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church of the Unites States. …

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )2019-01-30T15:07:06-05:00

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

Seeking A Perfect Sunday? Look no further! This Sunday we celebrate the newest release from Eugene Friesen and Joel A. Martin with a 7:30 pm concert. Tickets: …

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )2019-01-30T15:07:07-05:00

Gale A. Brewer (@galeabrewer )

Self-identified women artists working/living uptown can provide submissions for @NoMAAarts's upcoming exhibit "Women in the Heights: Creating for Change," curated by @andreaarroyoart. Deadline: Feb.

Gale A. Brewer (@galeabrewer )2019-01-31T15:16:41-05:00

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

Our annual commemoration of Absalom Jones is tomorrow, 2/9, at 10:30 am! …

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )2019-02-08T16:30:08-05:00

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )

The Value of Sanctuary: Building a House Without Walls opening this Valentine's Day. …

St. John the Divine (@StJohnDivineNYC )2019-02-11T16:57:52-05:00
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