What To Recycle – Building Recycling Guide

All businesses in NYC are now required to recycle metal, glass, plastic, beverage cartons, paper, cardboard, as well as certain other items depending on business size and type. Below are items or types of items that businesses are required by law to recycle.
Download the PDF Guide/Official Recycling Rules By Clicking Here

Metal cans (including soup and food cans, empty aerosol cans, dried-out paint cans)
Aluminum foil wrap and trays
Metal caps and lids
Industry-specific metal (such as wire hangers, pots, tools, curtain rods, knives, small appliances that are mostly metal)
Bulk metal (large metal items like furniture and cabinets; large appliances such as microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.)


Glass bottles
Glass jars

Plastic and Rigid Plastics:

Plastic bottles, jugs and jars
Rigid plastic caps and lids
Rigid plastic food containers (such as yogurt, deli, “clamshell” containers, and other plastic take-out containers)
Rigid plastic non-food containers
Rigid plastic packaging (such as “blister-pack” and “clamshell” consumer packaging, acetate boxes)
Rigid plastic wares (such as flower pots, mixing bowls and plastic appliances)
Bulk rigid plastic (like crates, buckets, pails and furniture)

Beverage Cartons

Coated cardboard cartons or boxes (such as milk or juice cartons)
Drink boxes
Gable-top cartons
Aseptic packages


Newspapers, magazines, catalogs
White and colored paper (including lined, copier and computer paper)
Mail and envelopes (any color)
Paper bags
Wrapping paper
Soft-cover books (such as paperbacks and comics; no spiral bindings), telephone books


Smooth cardboard (such as food and shoe boxes, tubes, file folders and cardboard from product packaging)
Cardboard egg cartons and trays
Pizza boxes; remove and discard soiled liner
Corrugated cardboard boxes

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