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Welcome to new staff

Director of Stewardship. Please help me welcome Christian Peele to our staff. Christian comes to The Riverside Church from the staff of the Obama White House, where she has served in various capacities, most recently Deputy Director for White House Operations. As Deputy Director, Christian managed a large staff, reviewed budgetary matters for The White House, worked to build alliances, created buy-in, and presented a shared and compelling story about strategy, mission, and vision. The daughter of a Baptist minister, Christian grew up in North Carolina and, after finishing college at Mary Baldwin College, went on to earn her Master of Divinity at Duke Divinity School. Christian brings a fresh and out-of-the-box approach to guiding the stewardship and development function of The Riverside Church. Christian begins her work on the staff March 16, 2015. Minister of Worship and the Arts. April Stace Vega will join The Riverside Church senior staff at the beginning of May in [...]

Welcome to new staff2015-02-18T15:19:35-05:00

Apse Windows Restoration Project

Beginning this Easter season, we will begin some important and necessary work on our beautiful and historic Nave, including restoration of the apse windows, the choir stalls, the woodwork of the pulpit canopy, and sections of the organ. In the coming weeks, you will see scaffolding being set up in the Nave as the work begins.

Apse Windows Restoration Project2015-08-06T14:41:49-05:00

Riverside Youth Filmmakers' film chosen for the Second Annual White House Student Film Festival

On March 20, 2015, a group of Riverside Youth was honored by President Barack Obama at the White House as one of 15 winners of the 2nd Annual White House Student Film Festival!

Riverside Youth Filmmakers' film chosen for the Second Annual White House Student Film Festival2015-06-18T20:15:00-05:00

Letter from Pastor Amy re: Staff Updates – April, 2015

Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! It was so special for me to celebrate our first Easter together, to welcome so many visitors, and to be reminded again of the promise of resurrection. My deep thanks to so many of you for the hours of planning and hard work that went into making Easter so special. I'm writing, as I promised I would, to update you on continued shifts in our staff and staff structure as I work to build a collaborative and effective team that will lead us into the future. Change, while an important part of life, is always difficult; I am deeply grateful for our continued conversations around change and for your gracious encouragement in what is a challenging process for everyone involved.

Letter from Pastor Amy re: Staff Updates – April, 20152015-07-13T10:46:10-05:00

Letter from Pastor Amy re: Staff Updates – May, 2015

I want to update you on ongoing shifts in our staff as we work to build a team to support the mission and vision of the gathered community of Christ here at The Riverside Church. Here are three important updates to keep you informed:

Letter from Pastor Amy re: Staff Updates – May, 20152015-08-25T17:53:12-05:00

Riverside Parents & Guardians: Update Your Contact Information

As part of the focus of laity and staff at the Riverside Church to build a dynamic ministry for children and youth, we are requesting that parents and guardians with children and youth between the ages of 0-18 assist us in this effort by providing us with updated contact information.

Riverside Parents & Guardians: Update Your Contact Information2015-09-02T01:52:53-05:00

Letter from Pastor Amy – One Year Anniversary – June, 2015

As you know, this week marked the one year anniversary of you calling me as your pastor. What a year it has been, the months speeding by at a dizzying pace, and the experiences we've shared unbelievably memorable and meaningful. Thank you for the many ways you have welcomed me into the Riverside community and into your lives; I'm so grateful.

Letter from Pastor Amy – One Year Anniversary – June, 20152015-10-07T17:58:06-05:00
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