The Future of Theological Education at Union and Beyond

A Changing Landscape  
It is no secret that higher education in the U.S. increasingly faces an unprecedented set of challenges that threaten the sustainability of institutions both large and small. It also should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention that seminaries face these very same challenges and more. Without the built-in safety net of either a university or a denominational affiliation, small, independent theological schools are among the most vulnerable of all.  
In the coming years, more and more divinity schools and seminaries will be forced to consider the excruciating decision to close their doors forever. The institutions that survive will be those with enough agility to develop timely responses to the rapid changes taking place across the social, cultural, religious, and educational landscapes. With any luck, the institutions that thrive will be those that adapt creatively and proactively rather than defensively and reactively. 
Faced with these complex challenges, small, independent theological schools in particular

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