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Need books for your New Year’s resolution? Explore the deepest mysteries of the brain and the world of pre-k students/authors with new books from TC’s Barbara Tversky and Mariana Souto-Manning. #TCFaculty New books from TC’s Barbara Tversky and Mariana Souto-Manning.

Timeline Photos

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay

Martin Luther King, Jr. at Columbia

“The electricity in the room was extraordinary.” When Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at Columbia and The Riverside Church, students were inspired to “sit in, speak out, and stand up” — via Columbia Magazine. #MLKDay In two speeches, Dr. King inspired students to sit in, speak out, and stand up.

Photos from Manhattan School of Music's post

Tactus, the contemporary chamber music ensemble of Manhattan School of Music’s Contemporary Performance Program, has been called “Ambitious . . . finely polished . . . spirited,” by Allan Kozinn of The New York Times.
Photo album: Tactus concert at MSM in October 2019, photos by Anna Yatskevich.

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Making Their Mark

From TC Way to making a difference near and far, TC alumni Elizabeth Hernandez (Ph.D. ’18), Charles “C.J.” Reilly III (M.A. ’18), Jenny Abamu (M.A. ’16) and Vikash Reddy (Ph.D. ’16) share the latest from their respective careers in diplomacy, counseling, higher education and teaching. #TCAlumni Career updates on TC alumni in diplomacy, counseling, higher education and teaching.

Early Childhood Lessons

What can the US learn from other nations’ high-performing education systems for young children? Vital to successful early education, new key principles are outlined in a recent study from TC’s Sharon Lynn Kagan. A global study could add “zing” to American early childhood education

How does music change your brain?

Researchers watched the changes that take place in the brain when music is played. They observed a switch from negative emotions to positive ones during musical therapy.

“Esteemed UK-based conductor and music director James Ross, who has led concerts worldwide, says he has seen the profound healing effect of music, especially in post-conflict scenarios in Bosnia, Sri Lanka and Uganda, among other locations.” Have you ever listened to music and felt better? Its therapeutic power has been recognized ever since ancient times; the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras often prescribed music as “medicine.”

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Underscoring the “Ed” in EdTech

“The best use of technology is to creatively augment what teachers can do, not replace them.” Leading for the future, TC’s Paulo Blikstein discusses his work making education tech available to teachers and students in 22 countries and counting. Forging the future of education technology, Paulo Blikstein discusses his research and work making ed tech accessible in 22 countries and counting.

JTS (@JTSVoice )

JTS’s Center for Pastoral Education has received a major grant from the to conduct a two-year research study of the Center’s unique hybrid educational program. Mazal tov!

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