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Union Theological Seminary has always embodied the freedom to learn and the freedom to teach—ideals that may be more critical than ever to churches and society at this moment in history. Founded in 1836, Union forged a new vision for theological education: to center ministerial training in an urban context so that academic excellence and personal faith might respond to the needs of the city.

Today, a new Union in a world city remains faithful to that vision. With roots that are firmly planted in the Protestant, Reformed tradition, the Seminary continues to reform itself in response to the changing needs of the world and an evolving understanding of what it means to be faithful.

Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York is a seminary and a graduate school of theology established in 1836 by founders “deeply impressed by the claims of the world upon the church.” Union prepares women and men for committed lives of service to the church, academy, and society. A Union education develops practices of mind and body that foster intellectual and academic excellence, social justice, and compassionate wisdom. Grounded in the Christian tradition and responsive to the needs of God’s creation, Union’s graduates make a difference wherever they serve.

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Kevin Kruse Live

Kevin Kruse is a professor of 20th Century American History at Princeton University. His new book, “One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America” is an examination of the myth of a Christian America, and how many of the tropes invoked to “prove” that America is a Christian country were invented just in the last 80 years. Even more revealingly, the invention of a Christian America came from a coalition of businessmen and popular preachers who wanted to fight the “creeping socialism” of the New Deal. From the very beginning, the myth of a Christian America was tied to the myth of free enterprise — and so the rise of the Religious Right and of neoliberal capitalism in the 1980s are deeply intertwined.

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Maureen Morgan, SMM ’63

Maureen Morgan, SMM ‘63 Musician, environmental advocate and educator Ossining, NY What do you do? It has been twenty years since I held a Music Director/Organist position in the church, but as other interests become dominant in my life, the influence of that experience fifty years ago has never diminished. My association with Union began when I arrived in the New York Metro area in 1958 as an organist with four years training in college but little experience as a professional, a husband, two small children, and a third on the way. It soon became apparent that if I wanted a music position in Westchester County where we had settled, I had to have a “Union Card” – an SMM from the Union Seminary School of Sacred Music, a seemingly impossible achievement at the time, [...]

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Union Hires Derrick Harkins, Pastor & Obama Advisor

See coverage in The Washington Post. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 19, 2015 Contact: Jeff Bridges, 303-358-5551 | jbridges@uts.columbia.edu UNION HIRES SENIOR PASTOR AT 19TH STREET BAPTIST CHURCH AND FAITH ADVISOR TO PRESIDENT OBAMA New York, NY — After seventeen years at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church in Washington, Senior Pastor Derrick Harkins, former Director of Faith Outreach for the Democratic Party and advisor to President Obama, is leaving his flock and his city for a different kind of social justice ministry. In June, Harkins will become the Senior Vice President for Innovations in Public Programming at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. “Union has a long tradition of advancing the cause of justice in the church, in the academy, and in the world,” said Harkins. “I’m looking forward to bringing together my pastoral, [...]

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