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Congratulations to our outstanding voice alumni on a successful opening night of The Metropolitan Opera’s Porgy and Bess 🎶

Read the The New York Times review here: Congratulations to Manhattan School of Music alumni performing in The Metropolitan Opera’s production of Porgy and Bess, which opened the season on September 23!

Chorus members include Chanae Curtis (MM ’14), Jamet Pittman (PS ’97), Jonathan Tuzo (MM ’06), Helena Brown (MM ’14), Tesia Kwarteng (MM ’13), Nicole Joy Mitchell (MM ’04), and Jasmine Muhammad (MM ’12); Chanáe also makes her role debut at Annie and Justin Michael Austin (BM ’14, MM ’17) is covering the role of Jim.

The New York Times says, “…the chorus gently eases into the music, beautifully adding a warm harmonic cushion.” They ‘sang the sad refrains of “Gone, Gone, Gone” with sighing lyricism and swelling fervor’ and ‘shifted readily into jubilee mode for the spiritual “Leavin’ for the Promised Land.”’

The production runs through Oct. 16, and Jan. 8-Feb. 1
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