So… my baby has COVID! What now??? (In our best doctor 🩺🥼”I’m truly sorry to hear that—but it’s okay! You’re not alone and we’re here to help!”) Here’s a cheat sheet for you to hit “save” on this post ⬇️📲 and refer back to…read on for our tips:

💛 Remember most cases in babies are mild!

🧡 If you are vaccinated 💉 you’ve already done a lot to protect them. Babies also get some their antibodies while in utero from vaccinated birth parents. If you are breastfeeding you are also passing along some your antibodies. 👏🏽

💗 Some babies are asymptomatic 🙌🏽 but IF symptoms present you can expect a few days of fever 🤒 and then mostly just cold like 🤧symptoms. Some babies are showing a croup cough, some are showing GI symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea 😬 Many are having a sore throat.

💙 Treat it like any other cold 😷 or virus. @tylenol (and #ibuprofen if older than 6 months), steam ♨️, nasal saline 💦 & hydrate 🍼!!

💛 Call 📞 MVP if not feeding 🍼🥣 well, not wetting diapers 🧷at least once every 6 hours, having any difficulty breathing 😮‍💨 #protip look for their belly moving up and down, you can see ribs, nostrils flaring,) or if baby seems lethargic or isn’t feeding. Also any infant <2 months with a fever (>100) 🤒we need to hear about.📲

🧡 Since your baby can’t wear a mask 😷 they have to “isolate” for a full ten days. If you aren’t COVID positive you can wear a mask around the baby 👶🏽 to minimize your risk.

💓 Hang in there! We’re here to help answer YOUR family’s questions and concerns. Show your support for fellow MVP parents: 💛🧡💓💙 in the comments!
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