Printable Social Services Directory

Morningside Area Alliance has recently updated its Social Services Directory and MAAStreetSheets that may useful to your organization and clients.

The listings that follow and the abridged “Sheets” include: MAAStreetSheets. Service providers were selected based on location. Manhattan neighborhoods covered are Morningside Heights and West Harlem. Select organizations from the Upper West Side and Central Harlem are also provided. The guides are not exhaustive but a thorough representation of services provided by organizations in those communities. We consulted with Inspire Outreach and West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty (WHANAP), reviewed other directories, and relied on the support of members of our organization’s Community Engagement committee to ensure that we developed a helpful directory. In January 2015 and February 2015, we then contacted listed organizations to make sure we provide correct locations, contact information, service listings, and times. Service providers may have eligibility requirements; and, those requirements are not included in the directory.

If you have any suggestions or changes you would like to make to these documents, please contact us.

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