Pastor Amy Butler, The Riverside Church of NY

November 9, 2016

Pastor Amy Butler, The Riverside Church of NY

“I want to say something to the Church this morning—churches, pastors, people of faith.

The time for toeing a politically correct line is long, long past. We’ve heard more than enough from politicians; our country needs voices of moral courage to speak up and out and on behalf of those among us who are vulnerable, excluded, and filled with pain…today and in the days ahead.

Now is the time for us to speak.

To be bold.

To name sin and injustice and to say we won’t stand by and watch it happen.

We cannot be silent.

We should not pretend that this will not cost us considerably. It will. But if we cannot find the courage to tell the truth, what does the Church have to offer the world? And what do our lives and our witness mean when it’s all said and done?

Be brave, Church. Be brave. Be brave.”