For NYC Police, Fire, or Other Emergency Departments, dial 911

Dial 212-854-2797 for Columbia University Public Safety Office

On-Campus Emergencies, Dial 4-5555

For students needing a night time shuttle service LINK

Safe Havens

Occasionally, Columbia students, faculty, or staff may feel uneasy about walking home, waiting for a bus, or walking to a car. If that ever happens to you, just look for the Red Lion at participating neighborhood merchants.

The Red Lion is the logo for the CU Public Safety Safe Haven program organized by the Columbia University Department of Public Safety, which has screened more than 130 businesses near the Morningside, Manhattanville, and Medical Center Campuses.

At businesses featuring the Red Lion in their windows, you can ask the merchant to phone Columbia University’s Department of Public Safety or the police and wait for security personnel to respond. For more information or to become a Safe Haven registered business please call 212-854-8513

Safe Haven Locations

View the most recent list of Safe Haven locations.

Safe haven logo

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