Cast Announcement Letter

Dear Families,
We are very proud of the students who auditioned and signed up to be in the cast of Bye Bye Birdie!
Each person in the cast is valued and important. A significant amount of evaluating, planning and preparation went into the cast list announcement. A couple of things we would love to have you help us express to your children:

The movie (Bye Bye Birdie) is not the same as the broadway musical. There are  similarities between the two in story and songs, but also many differences.

We will be adjusting the script and songs to fit the talents of our students, and to make sure that it is appropriate for our middle school.

Some roles are being expanded and adjusted so that we can feature everyone’s talents to their fullest.

Please have patience in the early part of the process. Students are less familiar with this show, and therefore may not understand the full possibilities of every part in the production. We will help them look great and feel confident in whatever part they have in the production.

Here are some key dates to keep in mind:
Week of February 2: Scripts and Scores will be handed out
February 9: Musical Coachings for Leads will begin (each family of a lead/solo role will be contacted about signing up for time slots based on the performer’s availability)
February 23: Full Cast/Ensemble Rehearsals will begin
Friday, April 24: (Parent Conference Day) 10am-12pm Leads; 1-4pm Full UD Cast Rehearsal
Saturday, April 25: 10am-2pm Full UD Cast Rehearsal
April 27-April 30: Production Week
May 1: 6:00pm PERFORMANCE
May 2: 11:00am PERFORMANCE

Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!
Ms. Katie De Vries and Mr. Jonathan De Vries

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