Hawks Dominate NYCAL Track Meet #2

Our Hawk Track Team had some very impressive performances on 4/14/15, most notably from Daniel Daza, who as the third leg twice overtook the lead to help us win the 4X200m (1:56.41) and 4X400m (4:23.6) relays. The 4X400m relay was particularly impressive, as Daniel had about 40m to make up!  Camryn Gregory also had a great performance, sweeping the 100m and 200m in times of 14.2 and 30.88, respectively.

The athletes are asking questions about race tactics and form, and responding to our guidance. Anton made his move at just the right time to overtake another runner to finish second in the 800m. Alex held strong to her lead in the 1500m, never letting up, finishing with a time of 6:37.5  Likewise, Samuel Carman held strong form to finish first in the 800m (2:34.63) and 200m (28.1). Andrew Franks finished second in the 100m (12.7), and Theo Bammi convincingly finished first again in the 1600m with a time of 5:39.3. Amy Cunningham finished first in the 800m in a time of 3:19.2.

We are very proud of the athletes and look forward to continued success.

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