Spring Production Presents Beauty and the Beast

Memories of Sakura Park Global Festival

A cast and crew of approximately 150 students—plus dozens of parent and faculty volunteers—presented Beauty and the Beast this spring. This “tale as old as time” was a feast for the eyes and ears, with singing, dancing, sets, and costumes that reflected many hours of hard work and tremendous talent and dedication on behalf of the participants.

The upper school cast portrayed the lead roles while lower school and middle school students formed the ensembles of magical objects and townspeople.

The production employed not just the musical and dramatic talents of our students, but also their language skills as well. The show began with students narrating the origin of the story in both French (“Il était une fois dans un pays lointain, un jeune prince qui habitait dans un château brillant …“), and English (“Once upon a time in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle…”)

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