Who's Who in the Upper Division (Gr. 4-8)

When you receive your child’s class list in late August, you will learn the name of your child’s homeroom teacher, who will be an excellent resource for you.
Additionally, there are many individuals who support children and faculty in grades 4-8.
Anne Rabbino: Anne Rabbino is the director of the upper division, and her office is in 605, across from the elevators on the 6th floor. Ms. Rabbino is expecting a child in early September, so while she is hoping to be able to greet all of you at the New Student Breakfast on September 11, that is actually her due date! While she is on maternity leave through early December, you have many experienced resources to help you in her absence. Ms. Rabbino is available in July and August for questions. She can be reached at (212) 932-1980, ext. 326 or arabbino@sthildas.org.
Sabrina Shear: Sabrina Shear is the upper division learning specialist and the interim director of the upper division. She was Ms. Rabbino’s interim replacement two years ago, when Ms. Rabbino was at home with her first child. She is a wonderful resource at all times, and especially next fall, when she will be supervising the operations of the upper division. She can be reached next fall at (212) 932-1980, ext. 304 and at sshear@sthildas.org.
Michelle Philips and Kat Thompson: Both Ms. Rabbino and Ms. Shear work closely with Ms. Phillips (Upper Division Coordinator) and Kat Thompson (Upper Division Director’s Assistant). They are available to answer day-to-day questions in the school year and work closely with students, faculty, and parents on the logistics of being a student! Ms. Philips can be reached at ext. 341 and mphilips@sthildas.org and Ms. Thompson can be reached at ext. 319 and kthompson@sthildas.org.