Mount Sinai Health System Taking Extra Precautions, Expanding Emergency Services in COVID-19 Crisis

“Mount Sinai Health System is taking extra precautions to provide the safest environment possible and protect our patients, staff and visitors due to the escalating COVID-19 emergency. As the growing COVID-19 crisis unfolds, we are taking extraordinary measures to protect and serve our communities, including erecting triage tents outside of emergency departments throughout our eight (8) hospital system to expand emergency department services. The tents will be critical in helping us limit the spread of the disease between patients and staff. These steps, along with other efforts including instituting strict visitor restrictions, banning staff travel and broadening access to virtual care options through video visits with emergency medicine physicians are important steps to ensure the health of all of our patients, staff and local communities. Seven hospitals within the System will be adding tents, starting with Mount Sinai Brooklyn. We are working diligently to protect and care for the communities we serve, and respond quickly to this evolving public health crisis.”


The hospital does not want everyone who is feeling the symptoms associated with the disease to come to the hospital. Most people will be able to deal with the symptoms — which include a cough, fever and possibly shortness of breath — at home, using Tylenol and resting. Those who feel their symptoms are getting worse should contact their doctor or use virtual care services (telehealth) to learn if they need more treatment and should go to the hospital. Going to the emergency room for non-emergency needs may only add congestion and potentially even expose you to diseases. Mt. Sinai explains more about what to do if you feel ill here.