#Repost @mountsinainyc ・・・ “@MountSinaiMorningside is proud to celebrate heroic …

#Repost @mountsinainyc
“@MountSinaiMorningside is proud to celebrate heroic staff members assigned to our 9W Geriatric Unit: Lynelle Laboy, RN; Terrence Mitchell, Transporter; Rahmo Omar Ahmed, Patient Care Associate; Jessica Chun; and Roozbeh Rajaei, RN, Nurse Manager.

Around lunch time on June 15, Lynelle heard a banging noise coming from inside the room of an elderly patient for whom she was caring. Concerned, Lynelle entered the room to find that the patient, confused and possibly delirious, had gotten out of bed, broken the window in his ninth floor room, and was in danger of injuring himself.

Lynelle ran to the patient’s aid, then called for help. Almost immediately, Rahmo, Terrence, Jessica, and Roozbeh ran in to assist. Save for a few minor cuts and lacerations, the patient was unharmed. Because Lynelle, Terrence, Rahmo, Jessica and Roozbeh did not hesitate to act during what was a truly frightening situation that potentially put all of them at risk of injury, a patient’s life was saved.

We are proud to recognize their teamwork, their agility, and their commitment to the safety and well-being of our patients.”

– Brian Radbill, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Mount Sinai Morningside and Irem Khan, Project Manager, Office of Chief Medical Officer, Mount Sinai Morningside
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