Yesterday, on National Doctors’ Day, Mount Sinai Morningside hosted the second P…

Yesterday, on National Doctors’ Day, Mount Sinai Morningside hosted the second Physician of the Year Awards!

The event was held both virtually on Zoom and in-person for the winner and hospital leadership. Art Gianelli, President, Brian Radbill, Chief Medical Officer, and Marsha Sinanan-Vasishta, Interim Chief Nursing Officer, presented the awards to the winner the Physician of the Year Award.

The award for Attending Physician of the Year 2021 went to Dr. Lindsey Gottlieb, Director of Infection Prevention at Mount Sinai Morningside! Dr. Gottlieb received multiple nominations from Barbara Smith, Kilyoub (Kimmie) Kim, Lauren Collins, Vannesa Rosa-Pratts, and David Conner for her outstanding work in exemplifying Mount Sinai Morningside’s values. Over this past year, Dr. Gottlieb demonstrated time after time her dedication and commitment to Mount Sinai Morningside and Nursing Department through collaboration and contributions to help achieve the highest standard of quality patient care.

The Mount Sinai Morningside Nursing Department created this award not only to recognize physician leaders who have exemplified interdisciplinary teamwork, but also to thank them for their colleagueship with professional registered nurses, and their goal of advancing quality, safety, and the patient experience together.

Congratulations, Dr. Gottlieb! Your dedication to your profession, your patients, and your community is admirable, and you serve as an inspiration to us all. Thank you to everyone who participated and we eagerly look forward to the next Physician of the Year ceremony! 🎉

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