Susan and Jack Rudin Center for Community Outreach

Every day the Va’ad Gemilut Hasadim: Susan and Jack Rudin Center for Community Outreach provides a variety of opportunities for JTS community members to go out into the local New York City community and volunteer to help.

The Va’ad seeks to promote community service at JTS through its hands-on volunteer opportunities, educational programs, and Annual Tzedakah Campaign.

History of the Va’ad Gemilut Hasadim

Susan and jack rudin center for community outreach

Since the early 1980s, the Va’ad has provided some of the most rewarding volunteer and educational activities at JTS.

The Va’ad has a history of responding quickly and effectively to national and world need in times of emergency. Students organize special fund-raising events to benefit tragedy-stricken communities, aid the victims of natural disasters, and support the State of Israel. In addition, funds are raised throughout the year for the Va’ad’s Tzedakah Campaign, and are donated to organizations in need in the United States, Israel, and the world.

Gemilut hasadim is an ongoing and long-term process. Sometimes the need can seem vast and overhwleming, but the Va’ad reminds people that the task begins one person at a time.

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